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Our Staff

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Terri-Lynn started her church music and choir director career here at Glen View United Church just before starting high school, and left because she left for the big city of Halifax and Dalhousie University. 


Many moons later, Terri-Lynn is back in this place and space of Harmony United Church as Interim Music Director.


Terri-Lynn is a private music teacher of piano, voice and theory, on the Executive Council of the New Brunswick Music Teachers' Association (NBRMTA), a member of the Canadian Federation of Music Teachers' Association (CFMTA), a Vice President for the Canadian Atlantic Provinces Chapter of the National Association of the Teachers of Singing (CAP NATS) and a proud member of the Canadian Federation of Music Festival Adjudicators (CFMAA). 


In addition to her work at Harmony, her adjudicating, teaching, and work with the various music associations, she can sometimes be found in a pit for a musical as either a player or orchestra conductor, on the bench for the Friars' Family Celebrate Concerts, and at various music events and a soloist and collaborative artist, but her full time work is as a school bus driver for the Anglophone School District South. 

You can contact Terri-Lynn at

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