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Our Staff


Rev. Jen Broomhead 

Rev. Jen is a life-long member of the United Church of Canada. She grew up in Chapleau, a small town in Northeastern Ontario. 

Rev. Jen loves being part of a joyful, unpredictable, grace-filled, imperfect life of the community of faith.

“We are so happy to be here at Harmony United Church, and very excited to be in ministry with you!”

Terri-Lynn McNicol - Music Director

Terri-Lynn started her church music and choir director career at Glen View United Church just before starting high school, and left because she left for the big city of Halifax and Dalhousie University. 


Many moons later, Terri-Lynn is back in what was the former Glen View United church  and now Harmony United Church as Music Director.

2019 04 Headshot Crystal.png

Crystal Brideau - Custodian

Crystal takes great pride in looking after our busy facility at Harmony.  From the sanctuary to the church hall and everywhere in between, you can be sure that Crystal keeps it in tip-top shape.  To contact Crystal, call the church office at 696-3773.

Gayle Grimster.jpg

Gayle Grimster - Office Administrator

Gayle is responsible for the operation of all things that take place in the church office, preparation of our weekly worship service materials and a host of other things!  It could be said that Gayle is the "director of first impressions" at Harmony and what a wonderful impression she leaves with all who engage with her.  To contact Gayle, call the church office at 696-3773 or by email at

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