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Our Activities and Groups


One thing we love to do in the United Church is EAT!  The Hospitality group is responsible for functions within the church that require refreshments, food or some form of hospitality.   We have a wonderful kitchen facility that they keep stocked and well organized.  The group holds meetings only when required to plan for a function and they are always happy to welcome anyone who would like to work with them.  Many hands make light work!


From coffee served before worship, to pancake dinners, receptions and everything in between, this vibrant and active group provides an important ministry at Harmony.    As they would say, “We are busy, we are fun and it seems we are always looking for food....but that's what makes the special times so enjoyable.” 


For more information, please contact the church office at 696-3773 or email at


The Harmony Bowling League meets at 9:15 Tuesday mornings at Fairview Bowling Alleys, located at 87 Lansdowne Ave.  This is a morning of fun and laughter with wonderful women who enjoy fellowship with one another, along with a little exercise without any stress.  This has always been a ladies league but no one will be turned away!  If you are looking for an opportunity to spend quality time with wonderful people, then be sure to join in. 


This group meets from September to May and cost is $11.00 per week which includes the group’s weekly dues. 


For more information, contact the church office at 696-3773 or 

Good Time Fellowship

This group gathers together in a time of friendship to play cards, board games  and tell stories...and always ends with a snack.  They meet every other Monday from 1-3pm.  

For more information, contact the church office at 696-3773 or 


The Quilters meet every Tuesday from 1- 4pm.  This talented group of people creates beautiful works of art that are a ministry to many inside and outside our church.  Not only do they do wonderful work, but they provide a safe and supportive space where they share their stories and much laughter.  They are always open to anyone who enjoys quilting.


For more information, contact the church office at 696-3773 or 

Study Group

Throughout the year, our ministry team leads interesting and thought-provoking study groups.  It is a time to evolve our faith, to ask questions and to go where the Spirit is calling us.  This is a safe space where you can be free to speak or not about the topic at hand, and you can be sure no one has all the answers.  All "inquirers" are welcome!

For more information contact the church office at 696-3773 or

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