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Our Outreach

Brown Bag Lunch

The Brown Bag Lunch initiative is an outreach program that provide lunches for students at several schools in Saint John East identified as needing support.  Volunteers from the community, including many from Harmony United, work on teams once a month during the regular school year between 10-11am.   Lunches are prepared for the students and then delivered directly to the schools. 


Those involved in this wonderful program have shared that the teams are filled with supportive, caring people.  It takes very little time and you're part of a team that enjoy the comradery of working together and giving back to the community by feeding our hungry youth.  It takes only a little bit of time to make a big difference.


For more information, please contact the church office at 696-3773 or

Saint John East Foodbank

Harmony United is one of 11 sponsoring churches of the Saint John East Foodbank.   Like foodbanks across the Greater Saint John area, Saint John East offers food and other resources that clients may require.  It serves clients from Mispec to St. Martins and in between.  


There are numerous opportunities to volunteer at the Saint John East Foodbank during open hours Tuesday & Friday.  People from Harmony and other churches who support this important outreach find that it leaves them with a wonderfully warm feeling, knowing that they are contributing to those in need in our community.  Whether engaging with clients, stocking shelves or picking up donations, they find it to be a busy and rewarding experience.


For more information, please contact the church office at 696-3773 or 


Outflow Community Supper

The Outflow Community Supper takes place the second Monday of each month at the Vineyard Church, 204 Carmarthan St.  A team of volunteers from across the community, including Harmony United, prepares a community meal that consists of meatballs, rice, veggies, rolls, assorted desserts and hot/cold drinks.  Volunteers meet around 5pm at the Vineyard Church and the meal is served at 6:30pm.  The organizers of this program would welcome anyone who is willing to give their time and contribute items of food for the dinner.


As this ministry continues to grow it restores dignity, renews life and realizes hope.  Volunteers have an opportunity to connect with clients by serving dinner, having conversations and sharing information about available programs and services.  Those involved in this important outreach program would say that it is wonderful to socialize with people from all walks of life in our community, to be supportive and, most important, to feed the hungry.


For more information, please contact the church office at 696-3773 or

Prayer Shawl Ministry

Prayer shawls are an important ministry at Harmony – and far beyond our congregation, providing comfort in times of illness and sorrow, and adding to the joy of baptism and other sacraments and celebrations. We are blessed to have a dedicated group that knits and crochets year-round, as well as those who support this ministry with donations of yarn and prayer.


Every person who receives the gift of a shawl also receives a special message. For example: This shawl was handmade for you by the Butterfly Prayer Shawl Ministry. As it was created, we prayed for you. We asked God to bless you with courage, strength and peace in your life. May this shawl wrap you in the warmth and comfort of knowing that you are loved and cared for.


Anyone who enjoys knitting or crocheting – or making shawls or blankets of any kind – is always welcome to join our prayer shawl team. The group does not meet on a regular basis (although there may occasionally be social gatherings); so you can share your talents from the comfort of your home.


For more information, please contact the church office at 696-3773 or

Christmas Baskets

Every year beginning in October, the congregation at Harmony collects and organizes everything required to fill Christmas baskets for families the community. 


This is a labour of love for our congregation and is described as one of the most heartwarming activities to be involved in.  Christmas is a hard time for many people and being able to help in some small way is so rewarding.  Anyone is welcome to help; the  experience provides a great opportunity to share in friendship with other volunteers.  Most important, it will leave you feeling beyond blessed to help others. 


For more information, contact the church office at 696-3773 or

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